Meet Peter Putka

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Graduated with a business degree from McGill University and with a degree in Film Studies UCLA (1998). Trained with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York. Directed the short film SPIKE and was selected as one of four “up and coming filmmakers” for the CANNES ’98 FILM FESTIVAL.

He wrote the screenplay adaptation of Leonard Cohen’s novel THE FAVORITE GAME for Cine Qua Non Films, which was selected as the opening film at the 2003 Montreal Film Festival (Rendezvous de Cinema).

He won a 2004 EMMY award – producing and directing IMAGINE NEW YORK – featuring Harvey Keitel, Kevin Bacon, Bebe Neuwirth (Frasier), Peter Boyle(Everybody Loves Raymond), Richard Belzer (Law & Order), and Yoko Ono which aired on all major networks, on the NBC/Panasonic TV in Times Square, and at the TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL.

His short film Home Security was an official selection of the 2004 Hypefest Film Festival in Los Angeles.

In constant demand as a script consultant, he has also been an acquisitions consultant for Newmarket Films (Memento, Monster, Whale Rider, The Passion) and a ghost writer on several successful Hollywood films. He also recently produced the New York segment of the comedy special for Just for Laughs- Damned Yankees for the CBC featuring comedian

Lewis Black (The Daily Show).

He is in development with GPA Films on the film CALL WAITING – a quirky comedy which he is slated to direct and recently completed a script entitled THE MAKING OF STEWART HEYWOOD – a comedy about the perils of independent filmmaking.


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